so uh yah updates about my life

not that anyone here cares about me anymore and the new followers have never talked to me and never will but lol i might as well just use this blog to actually “blog”

  • i haven’t been to any concerts since february with swim deep because no one is coming here fuck
  • i’ve been planning my trip to japan for over 3 months and already bought my plane tickets and i’m pretty excited about it like i told everyone i know and they hate me for it but this will be my first time traveling alone so i hope i don’t die or run out of money while i’m there
  • i just got a new film camera like a proper slr one and i’m in love with it and i’m selling every lomo cameras i own (like 8 of them lol)
  • hmmm what else
  • i recently just opened a plus size clothing store ooooh sounds a bit fancy isn’t it? i am now selling clothes for a living and hopefully it goes well
  • i don’t even want to talk about this but DEAR GOD JAMIE DORNAN FUCK
  • also pls refer to ‘sebastian stan getting his pants take off gif’ i am now downloading political animals bless my soul i’m gonna die
  • i have been marathoning LOTR extended edition (alone for the 17th times in my life probably) for the past 24 hours (i paused a lot) and now i’m kind of sleep deprived and everything is funny

well i guess that’s it ok bye

Baby: p-p-p
Mom: Papa?????
Baby: please leave all overcoats canes and top hats with the doorman from that moment you'll be out of place and underdressed I'm wrecking this evening already and loving every minute of it ruining this banquet for the mildly inspiring end

"Breathe. It’s only a bad day not a bad life."
— Ashley Purdy



how to not see spoilers

  • finish series in nonstop marathon without sleep before returning to tumblr

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